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How do I buy a Jet at Wholesale Price?

30 Jul 2017

One of the questions I get asked frequently by clients is “How do I buy an aircraft at wholesale price?” The short answer in this market is… probably don’t. The longer answer is, because of the things you would have to give up in order to do so, you are probably better off not trying to compete with the Aircraft Dealers who do.

The spread between wholesale and retail price is extremely…

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8 Common Misconceptions about Selling Your Own Aircraft

21 Jul 2017

Thinking about selling your aircraft on your own? It’s not uncommon for aircraft owners to post their own plane for sale, intending to test the market and see what happens.

Sometimes, things work out nicely and a quick sale occurs, but it’s also not uncommon for those same aircraft owners to become frustrated with the selling process.

With over a decade of experience helping hundreds…

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18 Jul 2017

There used to be a sentiment among sellers that if there are no buyers, why lower your price? That used to be a fair question in 2009. Today there are buyers, albeit mostly in North America. So that old adage is not a sound reason to not truly identify Right Pricing. As you look at the number of days on the market, most planes are approaching 180 days or even longer. I…

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Get the Best from your Jet Maintenance Service

4 Mar 2017

Aviation Director Andre Fodor concludes his discussion on ways to improve the service level of jet maintenance to meet the expectations of corporate aviators and managers…

The Hippocratic Oath leaves no doubt of a doctor’s prime directive: Do no harm. When in doubt, cause no hurt. Like medicine, jet maintenance requires highly-skilled professionals with advanced skills and…

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